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3rd Malaysia Flow - The innovative technology seminar

Impiana Hotel, 14th May 2015: KROHNE will be running the 3rd Flow Seminar, this time introducing a brand new technology: Magnetic Resonance for Multiphase wellhead measurements.

We shall also be introducing the next step in ultrasonic flowmetering for liquids which breaks barriers with the world first true and proven small-volume proving, full-pipe detection, continuous meter and process flow diagnostics, and offering full connectivity with full audit trail for measurement data and meter hardware and software.

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New SMARTPAT conductivity sensors

Extending its portfolio of process analysis sensors and systems, KROHNE introduces three new SMARTPAT sensors for conductive conductivity measurement in liquids: SMARTPAT COND 1200, 3200 and 5200.


KROHNE introduces complete pressure portfolio

Since the release of the first compact pressure transmitter in 2012, KROHNE has been continuously working on its own pressure portfolio. With ACHEMA 2015, a complete portfolio for process pressure, hydrostatic pressure and differential pressure is unveiled.


New eLearning course “Vortex Flowmeters: Applications” released

A new course on “Vortex Flowmeters: Applications” has been released on the KROHNE Academy online learning platform. The free of charge eLearning course deals with the most common uses of Vortex flowmeters in auxiliary and supply circuits.


Entrained Gas Management EGM now available for twin straight tube Coriolis flowmeters

KROHNE introduces the OPTIMASS 1400 and OPTIMASS 2400 with the new signal converter MFC 400. Thereby, the Entrained Gas Management EGM feature is now available for the twin straight tube sensors, providing no loss of measurement with gas entrainment up to 100%.


New hygienic inductive conductivity measuring system OPTISYS IND 8100

KROHNE introduces the new hygienic inductive conductivity measuring system OPTISYS IND 8100 for the food and beverage industry.


OPTISONIC 8300: New ultrasonic flowmeter for superheated steam

With the OPTISONIC 8300, KROHNE presents a dedicated ultrasonic flowmeter for the measurement of superheated steam. The 2-beam flowmeter stands out with a measuring accuracy of 1 %, high repeatability, and a large dynamic measuring range.