Magnetic Resonance - A revolution technology in oil and gas for multi-phase measurement

Multi-phase measurement has previously been the domain of a mechanical separation with all its drawbacks. There was a need for:

  • Speed
  • Better accuracy and reliability
  • Non-invasive, non-radioactive
  • In-line, but with no pressure drop

KROHNE new introduces a technology never used in the oil and gas industry before. A single technology that detects the components on a molecular level, can distinguish between gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons and water, providing results that you rely upon - independent of the aggregate state.

Easier planning, engineering, operation are features that make this technology the most exciting new discovery seen over the past decades.
Our key developers and scientists from Europe are presenting at this seminar to give you first-hand knowledge on magnetic resonance for multi-phase wellhead measurement.

Jason Yew
Director Oil & Gas Division for South East Asia